Nane’s Famous Apple Pie

Nane's Famous Apple Pie

My Nane is a clever woman. She loves having company. At 94, she still cooks dinner every Sunday for the family. As us grandchildren and great-grandchildren have grown older and gone away for college, it’s hard for all of us to attend every Sunday dinner. But that doesn’t stop my Nane from trying. She has this subtle way of reminding you that you’ve been absent a few too many Sundays in a row. The phone rings. “Hi Nane!” “Hello, [grandchild X]. I’m making X desert for Sunday…” And before you know it, you are figuring out a way to get home for Sunday dinner. It’s at 6:00pm. Don’t be late!

It’s become quite the family joke. Nane knows everyone’s favorite desert. And she knows that making someone’s favorite desert sends the homing beacon.

For my grandfather, the homing beacon is lemon merengue pie. For her neighbor, the signal is apple cake. For my aunt and uncle in Florida, it’s blueberry cookies. For me, it’s home made pumpkin pie. And not just any pumpkin pie, the kind made from a real pumpkin! But for my mom, and most of the family, the homing beacon is apple pie.

There is just no comparison to Nane’s apple pie. No bakery or diner apple pie comes close. This apple pie is the queen of all apple pies.

Recipe to follow!

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